1. What are the delivery options for orders within England?

All deliveries within England have been switched to FedEx as of the 13th. This ensures reliable and efficient shipping for our customers.

  1. How are deliveries handled for Ireland, Scotland, and Wales?

Deliveries to Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are carried out through Royal Mail. We trust their service to ensure prompt and secure delivery to these regions.

  1. When is the last shipping day of the year?

The last shipping day of the year is the morning of December 21st. Please plan accordingly to ensure your orders are placed in time to meet this deadline.

  1. What is the estimated delivery time for Tracked 24 hour service?

Items shipped through our Tracked 24 hour service are dispatched at 3 pm each day. To ensure same-day dispatch, we recommend placing your order by 1:30 pm. Depending on your region's processing time, you can expect delivery within 2-4 business days.

  1. My tracking link is not working. What should I do?

Please allow some time for the courier to activate your tracking link. It can take over 24 hours for the link to become live, as the item needs to reach the first courier depot and be scanned. Currently, Royal Mail's tracking service may experience intermittent outages.

  1. Do your items come with invoices?

To ensure a seamless gifting experience, we do not include any invoices with our orders. All items are shipped in blank packaging, making them perfect for sending directly to the recipient.

  1. What happens if my address is incorrect?

If an item cannot be delivered due to an incomplete address, it will be returned to our facility. In such cases, we will contact you to provide a new address. Please note that PTM Solutions Limited cannot be held responsible for the loss of items due to an incomplete or incorrect address. We strongly advise double-checking your shipping address and contact information. Additional information can be found in our terms and conditions.

  1. Can I change my delivery address?

Once your item has been packed, we are unable to change the delivery address. However, upon receiving your tracking link, there may be an option to alter the delivery address if done early in the item's transit.

  1. Do you offer gift wrapping?

All our items come in a presentation box, with the type of box varying depending on the item. You can find images of these boxes on our social media channels and in our reviews section.

  1. Can I make changes to my order?

We strive for quick order processing, and most orders are packed within 30 minutes during office hours. If your order has already been packed, we cannot make alterations. However, please reach out to our email (contact@downtowngirl.net), and we will do our best to accommodate any updates if your order has not yet been packed.

  1. Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we ship to all countries allowed by DPD services. However, please note that orders shipped outside the UK may be subject to customs charges. We cannot guarantee delivery to military base locations. For further information on international shipping, please visit: [insert link to international shipping information]

  1. Can I customize my order?

We offer a custom service, which you can find more details about below. If you want a different necklace in your custom order, please reach out to our team at contact@downtowngirl.net, and we will assist you accordingly.

  1. How should I take care of my new item?

For caring instructions specific to our silver items, we have a comprehensive care guide available here: [insert link to silver care guide]